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  • ვიქირავე 5 ავტომობილი ჯიპ-ტურისთვის. ძალიან კმაყოფილი ვარ ამ კომპანიის მომსახურებით, განსაკუთრებით მინდა აღვნიშნო,რომ ყველა ავტომობილი ვიზუალურად და ტექნიკურად იყო სრულად გამართული,რისთვისაც დიდ მადლობას ვუხდი ამ კომპანიას და განსაკუთრებული მადლობა მის მენეჯერს ქეთის.

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  • ძალიან კმაყოფილი და ნასიამოვნები დავრჩი თქვენი სერვისით. მადლობა დიდი გაწეული სამსახურისთვის.

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  • Dear Jeep Rent, My mother and I are now home, happily reminiscing about our wonderful vacation to your beautiful country. Several days ago, I spoke with my friends at the Embassy and told them how wonderful you were to work with and how exceptional Besso and Lado were as drivers and travel guides. It was only after I lauded you all, that I realized I had not written to thank you. You have a wonderful team working with you, many thanks for everything! I hope we will get a chance to meet again.

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  • უძლიერესი კომპანიაა,დიდი მადლობა თქვენს მიერ გაწეული სერვისისათვის. პატივისცემით, გიორგი

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  • დიდი მადლობა ძალიან კარგი სერვისისთვის.

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  • Went to Tbilisi 2May - 10May, rented a jeep (Nissan Pathfinder ) After having went to Svaneti ( Mestia and Ushguli) - we were really glad we have rented a jeep 4*4, otherwise it would be just impossible to get there ( mud, puddles, huge holes, total off-road with construction going on). On our 3 day-trip on such (see above) road we had some problems with our car. Because of tons of puddles we were "swimming through" during our jeep adventure, something had oxidized in the car and it would not start. The owner with mechanic was there next morning (the car has broken late evening) - fixed everything really fast and offered us to take another jeep instead. We were really pleased with the service. PS: Our jeep adventure included also driving to the foot of Schkhara (the highest mountain in Georgia) - the road was so bad but we had no problem with the car and the nature was outstanding!! GO GO GO TO GEORGIA! You will not regret a minute!!

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  • In Georgia, without a car you can’t do anything. You can immediately drive to Kakheti region and taste big variety of wines. But if the soul requires diversity, you have to take the car. It is inexpensive in Georgia. After a brief conversation in the Jeep Rent LTD, we took a big Japanese four-wheel drive Nissan Pathfinder SUV for 17 days. It is meaningless to travel in Georgia by sedans. Because either you can’t drive to the place you want to or damage the car. To start with, Georgia was a mystery. We opened the map Yandex showed nothing. It only lacked the inscription "Dragons live here."Google is not better. Fortunately, it just matches the reality. Jeep is the best option for the drive around Georgia.

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  • The whole country in fact is mountains, on the side the sea, serpentines, and passes it is not self-indulgence , but a reality of life. There’s even a rail laid streamers, but that's another story. The ride on these serpentines is a separate pleasure, because at every turn there is a new beautiful view. It’s not dangerous to go to Georgia. It's fun, interesting, and if you like to drive around and plan a bit than it is impossible to get in serious trouble. The local people are very friendly, hospitable and ready to help. It is not like going aroung Europe with navigator that is the most charming thing about Georgia. The pleasure of Georgian roads is generally not comparable to anything else. Such freedom, diversity, beauty and unpredictabilit y places I have not seen anywhere else. We are all terribly pleased that we chose to drive all around Georgia with a rented vehicle.

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  • Do you have a mechanic man who is name is:Gela? I don't know what is scond name. Thanka to him,because of him we had a successful trip. We felt confidence he did a good jobs he helped us in any thing. We were in Georgia 1.7-12.7.2012 we ttravled whut Ayala grop from Israel. DRORA SA-NES

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